SPIN Project ASTERI Questionnaire


Children from vulnerable neighborhoods play less football, tennis, basket and other activities at sports clubs than their peers.

A face to face survey carried out by members of ASTERI Organization through the SPIN project , with their parents permission revealed that families often simply cannot afford to get their kids into sports. This brings to lot of kids less opportunities not only for sport activity, but for communication, team working, health and strength development and many more.

Most of the kids questioned through the survey, replied that they would love to try even watch some sports. BUT parents cannot afford it. Kids in villages are more lucky since they can escape to the fields or at least play outside from their houses. Kids in the cities loose health and communication skills by staying inside, use mostly electronic devices on their leisure time and perform mostly organized sports in inside courts or rooms.

SPIN project gave the opportunity at least to 100 kids to enjoy Sala soccer, learn game rules, communicate, upgrade their skills have fan, see new places, gain experiences. For more information about the results of the project email to info@asteri.org.gr

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